Many years after graduation, most graduates will still have no jobs. They will be broke and living pitiable life.
Having the best graduating result will not help either. First class, does not guarantee work or success.

Here are, 8 mistakes that most students and young graduates are making today, which will prevent them from getting jobs or succeeding on their own after graduation.

1) They think all they need is a degree:

Those days are gone, when all you needed was a degree. Today, a degree is just the starting point. Every one has a degree. Even the “Wheel-barrow-pusher” now has a degree. What makes you and your degree special? Nothing. So, if you are interested in living a meaningful life and contributing practically to society, you have to think beyond just a certificate in your hand.
Which brings us to the next point.

2) They look outward:

Many people forget that success and achievement do not come from outside. They arise from the “in-side”.
When you train and make your mind your best ally, you can depend on it for solutions.
Everything that you will ever need for a successful life is already within you. Use ur mind; use your head. Be a thinker and a solution provider.

3) They read irrelevant materials; and fail to read the right ones:

The problem with school is that most of the things you will ever study are already obsolete long before you even got admitted.
If you are only reading academic books, then you are only filling your mind with outdated information. Who builds success on outdated information?

Being educated is more than just about being familiar with ‘boolean expression,’ or knowing everything in your chemistry textbook. It is actually more than just going to school.

Any body can go to school; anybody can know all the terms in the text book, but it takes personal and intentional effort to prepare for success.

Read your school books and pass your examinations, but go the path of self development also. It is self development that prepares you for success after graduation.

4) They keep the wrong company of friends:

Some will deny it; but you are not very different from your “friends”. If you have friends who are not motivated for success, you will not also.

5) They are too lazy to do anything meaningful; and too proud to get started:

There is a problem; an entitlement mentality is frustrating our youths. Every one thinks they are entitled to something. Parents and the government don’t owe the young ones anything. Every thing whatsoever that you could get from your parents or your government is a privilege.

If you want a job, go get it or create one. Don’t make the couch your best friend and the TV your best adviser.

6) They don’t exercise:

What has exercise and keeping physically fit got to do with success? Very simple but important; exercising and keeping to the routing helps you learn discipline. Without discipline, there is no achievement.

Only a disciplined individual can succeed.
Being committed to your exercise routine shows you are committed to an active and healthy life.

7) They give up:

Most young graduates give up on themselves too quickly. It is pathetic. Just because Aliko Dangote is not your uncle and you are not related to Mike Adenuga in any way does not mean you can not chart your own course, begin and succeed. Just because things don’t work out well in the beginning does not mean you should give up on yourself and or dream.

Just because you have sent out tens of applications to every company in town and non has called you up does not mean you should stop checking. Just because no one has offered you a job does not in any way mean you can’t start your own company.

Just because others don’t believe in you at first does not mean you should not believe in your self.
Just because there are obstacles on your path does not mean you cannot overcome.

Why give up on yourself? Believe in yourself. Have a dream. Believe in your dream. Draw a plan. Set goals. Talk. Do something no matter how little. Be bold and proud of yourself. Get started.

8) They have no mentors:

Who are you following? Who is your inspiration? There must be some body out there whom you are listening to and learning from. You must have a life coach. You must have a mentor.
A mentor helps you navigate through life’s everyday challenge.


Of course every human being on earth wants to be successful.
There is no single person in the world who says his or her dream is to be a failure.

There are many great books that have been written on how to become successful in life. But there a few lessons to be learned from habits that keep many from reaching their potential.

Here, are three key habits that silently prevent people from achieving success.

One,false beliefs:
Many people don’t realize that this also is a habit that people form. Some people believe that poverty is their birthright; that their circumstances are “unchangeable” and therefore they do not even try for a change. What you choose to believe will become your reality.
No matter your situation in life, change is the only thing that is constant. Anything that you can see, feel, smell or touch is subject to change. You can effect change in your situation, today. Believe that.

Two, lack of goals:
This is another negative habit that could prevent anyone from reaching their potential. It is necessary to realize that no matter what you intend to accomplish in this life, you may not be able to do everything at once. It is imperative therefore to have a positive habit of goal-setting. You should have long term, medium term, and short term goals.
You must have little action steps daily that move you closer to your dream.

And, three, inaction:
Inaction is a very negative habit. You know that something needs to be done, but you choose to do nothing about it.
Another word used in describing ‘inaction’ is procrastination. It is actual irresponsibility to postpone till tomorrow that which you can do today. Especially when it is important that it be done today and immediately.

Success in life and business is never by accident. Success is a deliberate and intentional process. Success is for those who do. Be someone who is “promt-to-do” when it is necessary.

Believe positively. Be a goal setter and a goal-getter, be an action-person. Success is yours.


You can actually tell how quickly successful (if at all) you can ever be by just examining your clique of friends and acquaintances.

You are being influenced subtly but tremendously, in ways you can’t imagine, by the people you know, like and spend time with; the things you see, hear or smell. And of course the books you read. Even the movies you watch and the music you listen to, all silently influence your world view, attitude and actions.

The fruits of these influences do not manifest quickly though, they build up over time. Then one day, you or the people close to you realise that you have become a different person. And you begin to hear them say things like “You have changed, my friend!”

A new habit would have formed. A new world view would have emerged. A new person would have been born.

Examine your life today, and your clique of friends, and ask yourself “Am I being influenced positively or negatively?”

Sometimes, the success you are dreaming to have will only happen if you would change your clique of friends or just refine it; change your environment or redevelop it; or simply by changing the materials you read. It gets that simple, sometimes!


All of us want to be successful in life. We all want to have nice jobs and be making more than enough money, that’s even why most people go to school.

This year alone, tens of thousands of young people are graduating from different Colleges and the Universities and Polytechnics across the country.

Interestingly, irrespective of the academic accomplishments, on one hand, many of these young students shall proceed to a successful life after graduation. They would go ahead to follow their dreams and build awesome careers, get married, start a family and live happily and prosperously ever after.
Some will become solid and celebrated politicians: Commissioners, Ministers, Governors, Senators and even Presidents; others will become leaders and CEOs of their own global companies, renowned Lawyers, Magistrates, Judges of the High and Supreme courts, world renowned specialist medical doctors, to mention a few.

On the other hand, there would be those who would turn out to be complete losers, though not by choice! Five to ten years after graduation, many of them will have no jobs, living a low life without any sense of direction, without hope, in fear of the future and in constant lack of money.

To go to school and graduate with good grades is important; understanding how to have a happy and prosperous life after graduation, is even more important! And this is the part you don’t learn in the classroom.

Good grades or not, every student needs to understand certain very important things; things I have attempted to highlight in my forth-coming book which I have titled, “WHO STOLE MY JOB?”
There is such a thing as how to plan and equip yourself for the life after the four walls of your university or college, because there is life after graduation. And that life is different from the one you are used to in the campus. That life is reality; a reality that you must face. In the real world, campus rules and lifestyle do not suffice.
You must understand that success has nothing to do with grades. You could have all the ‘A’s and still ‘fail’ at life and you could have all the ‘F’s and still succeed at life.

What happens when you graduate and it suddenly dawns on you that dream jobs are extinct and unemployment is more real than ever?

*To be continued*

On opportunities!

Some of the setbacks in life are not results of lack of opportunities, but, lack of advantage. Some people fail miserably in taking advantage of the many opportunities before them.
And once the opportunities are lost, their eyes become open. But too late. Opportunity has taken a detour.

Recognize that life will grant you numerous gifts of opportunities to achieve your dream or to live the life you want, how you respond to those opportunities will of a truth determine whether you will enjoy the fruits of it or not.

Be someone who can recognize opportunity. Be someone who takes advantage of great opportunities that could change your life positively for good.

As a matter of fact, be spontaneous!

One killer of opportunity is procrastination. Instead of taking action on a good opportunity, most people procrastinate. Why postpone till tomorrow what you can do today?
Another killer of opportunities is excuses. Some people are experts at giving excuses. They always marshall perfect excuses why things are not working, instead of striving to make them work.
They would have perfect excuses why they can’t take action.
Excuses are bad. They demean your value and rob you of great opportunities. Spontaneity is an attitude that you could begin to imbibe today; why not?
Make a change today. Recognize great opportunities and take advantage of them.