On opportunities!

Some of the setbacks in life are not results of lack of opportunities, but, lack of advantage. Some people fail miserably in taking advantage of the many opportunities before them.
And once the opportunities are lost, their eyes become open. But too late. Opportunity has taken a detour.

Recognize that life will grant you numerous gifts of opportunities to achieve your dream or to live the life you want, how you respond to those opportunities will of a truth determine whether you will enjoy the fruits of it or not.

Be someone who can recognize opportunity. Be someone who takes advantage of great opportunities that could change your life positively for good.

As a matter of fact, be spontaneous!

One killer of opportunity is procrastination. Instead of taking action on a good opportunity, most people procrastinate. Why postpone till tomorrow what you can do today?
Another killer of opportunities is excuses. Some people are experts at giving excuses. They always marshall perfect excuses why things are not working, instead of striving to make them work.
They would have perfect excuses why they can’t take action.
Excuses are bad. They demean your value and rob you of great opportunities. Spontaneity is an attitude that you could begin to imbibe today; why not?
Make a change today. Recognize great opportunities and take advantage of them.

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