WHY ARE YOU HERE? (Why go to school?)

Talking to students in a university campus:

Why are you a student? Why are you here? You are here because society told you to come here. Society told you that you needed education and that you will get that needed education in school; and you believed it, because your parents believed it.

You have come to school to study, work hard, listen to uninteresting professors, compulsorily study boring subjects, gain discipline, make friends, do some stupid things, so that you could have a good and or better experience and life after graduation and also be a contributing member of society. That’s why you became a student?

You are here because you want to prepare for the future. You know that a time comes when you would have to work and take good care of yourself and who ever else may be dependent on you, like, family. That’s why you are here?

You are here because you wanted to be a Lawyer, Medical doctor, Social scientist, Economist, Engineer, Architect, to mention a few. That’s why you are here, to be properly educated for that profession?

You want to be rich. Society told you that to get rich you need a job. So you have come to school to study for that first degree to get a job. Then go for your Masters to increase your value and obtain promotions at work. Then maybe you will go for a PhD…maybe. For what? Any personal particular reason you are passionate about or because society “said so”?

The question then is not whether you have gone to school or not, the question is ‘have you come to the right school and are you studying the right subjects?’ That is the question you must first ask yourself. Many have gone to the wrong schools and many have studied the wrong subjects because society and sometimes parents have said so and their life have been disjointed by it.


You have today. Don’t waste it. Draw a life plan before you graduate. If all you are expecting after graduation is just a “JOB,” then my friend you are on a long thing.

Understand that everyone who comes into the world comes with a dream. Reach inward to your dream and let it shine…Society lies. Parents are not always right. You may not have all necessary information to make a perfect judgement, but let your dream or passion guide you.

I am, @wealthymotivatr


“Our prosperity as a nation depends on the personal. financial prosperity of each of us as individuals.”

In the (same) spirit of the above quote, the prosperity of your father’s house depends upon the personal financial well-being of each of your family members. And you can aspire to be the richest member of your father’s household. Why not? Is anything wrong with that? I don’t think so.
This write-up was inspired by that timeless book of financial wisdom – The Richest Man in Babylon. It is a great book, and one I recommend you read being that you desire financial success.
First of all, you come from a family; there are uncles, aunts, and all levels of relatives – and all the ancestors before you. No matter their financial or economic and social status, you could choose to be bigger and more successful than them all.
So here I share some positives ways to get rich and richer than you already are.

1)INHERITANCE. This is the easiest path to getting rich or richer; you don’t have to work hard for it. In short you don’t have to do anything for it. You simply get born into a wealthy family.
And once you realize you have been born into a wealthy family, there’s just one thing you could do – be grateful to God and to your family; you are truly fortunate.
However rich your family is, you can still aspire to be richer and bigger than them all. Success or wealth has no ceiling; strive to increase the value of what you have or will receive.

2)MARRIAGE. If you are not Aliko Dangote’s cousin or nephew, don’t worry, all hope is not lost. You can still grab a good share of his wealth. Just marry his son or daughter or his sister’s child and you are made.
Find a rich man or woman and ‘fall’ in love. Get married.
You may not have control or choice over the family you are/were born into, but you definitely have control over the choice of whom you marry – the family your kids are born into.
There is nothing wrong or shameful about marrying a man or woman for the money. You are just being smart.

“Money makes the enjoyment of the best the earth affords.”

3)SELF MADE. If you are neither going to inherit great wealth, and you are not going to marry a man or woman for the money, then you have another option — self made; getting rich by your own hustle.
Any person can be a self made millionaire or a self made billionaire.
Just take the following points seriously:

How badly do you want it?
Riches don’t come by mere wishes. You must be willing to work smart and hard. You can achieve anything that you desire badly enough. Those who want to succeed or be rich badly enough do not give up when life throws unpleasant challenges and difficulties their way. Smart people get a hold on their challenges and turn them around to their advantage.
Nothing should be big enough to thwart your dreams.

Your family background does not matter
This is especially if you have come from a poor family (no person should ever be ashamed of their family, rich or poor).
Your family could be the poorest of the poor in your community, but you can rise above that poverty to become the richest person in your family and in your community.
Be a dreamer. Be visionary. Be a goal-setter and a goal-getter. Great things begin humbly and in small ways.

Study how others have done
Of course; for everything you may ever desire to accomplish in life, someone has already done before you. Great books have been written which you could pick up and read to improve your life and make your work easier.
Find out how another successful person accomplished what you dream to accomplish; learn their lessons. Follow their positive examples and avoid their mistakes.

Your degrees don’t matter
A degree is a good thing. But a degree has never made any body wealthy. Today, a first class degree, as impressive as it may seem, is no longer a guarantee.
Life is more than a ‘glorified’ piece of paper. So don’t put your hope on what you studied in school or the quality of your graduating certificate. Put your hope in the works of your own hands. Believe in your hustle; own what you produce.

Your job won’t do it
Salary alone can’t make you rich. It is a nice thing to have a job after graduating from school; nobody deserves to be jobless. It is possible to have a ‘good’ job and still be broke – happens every day.

Mind your own business
Any person desirous of getting and staying rich should think in terms of businesses and investments.
There is no guarantee that the business or investment that you are going to start will be successful; businesses rise and fall. However, there is always an opportunity of success for the person who is creative, tenacious and visionary.
Businesses do things and solve problems; just find the right one for you. The right idea is what you do need – the simpler the better.
Most of the mega corporations that you see today all began small; Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Ford Motor Company, Dangote Group, etc. Today they are all multi-billion dollar companies.
Those who succeed in business are those who are not afraid to get started with just the little resources they have at hand. As far as starting a successful business is concerned, all you need is just all that you have right now.
Start small and grow big. That is the formular. And with that simple formular, you could just end up as the richest one in your father’s house; especially if you are the type that doesn’t really give up on your dreams because of small challenges.