A special “thank you” to everyone who wished me on my birthday (yesterday). God bless you all. Seeing your wishes just made me smile…I had a beautiful day.

After having 30 parties, at 30 different locations, within 30 minutes distance of each other, (only in my mind), I reasoned that with age comes RESPONSibility…first to yourself & then to others.

Take your age seriously. You will never clock each one twice. Therefore don’t postpone till next year what you can do 2day. And believe me, you can achieve a whole lot today, if you will just start. Don’t observe the challenges. They are not that real.

I have heard many folks say that age is nothing. Don’t believe them. Age is something; a huge thing. It is a very important factor. To take your age seriously is to take your life and success and happiness and relevance…seriously! Be age-wise.
Once one is 18 years and above, there’s just certain way one must begin to think…responsibility – social and economic independence. Set positive and life improving goals for yourself. And go after them with gusto and determination. Your life should be better every passing year.

For this year of the Lord, 2013, I wish you joy and happiness, and I pray for you that no evil will reach you and or your loved ones. You’re protected. Favour is yours.
You’re blessed in your studies, family and work.

Thank you.

I am, @wealthymotivatr