I graduated with a First Class there; 2’1 here; up till now I have no use for my degree(s). The only real education had been the experiences. I had fun; I like fun.

A foundation built on degree(s) is a false foundation; it will soon crumble like a pack of cards, like a house built on sands – the waters of economic instability will wash ’em away, faster than was built. It doesn’t matter what job you have or what position you are at, if a degree made you, that same degree will unmake you because degrees expire. And soon will yours.

ASUU is in the 6th month of its national strike and struggle with the Federal Government of Nigeria. The government is now trying to muzzle them back to class; most students are praying the matter resolved so they could go back and finish their programmes and obtain the much anticipated degree(s).
Six months’ been wasted doing nothing. No body told these students that 6 months was more than enough to start a life, to build a dream; to lay a good foundation for the future. They trust in a degree. Don’t.

They have a simple plan – go to school, get a degree, get a job. And it’s just what most of their parents expect of them. The same parents who followed same path and are now facing unprecedented financial challenges that they have no idea what to do about.

Plan the foundation of your life outside of whatever degree or school you attend(ed). Life does not actually recognise fancy-designer degrees.

Be a person of recreative/renewable value independent of a degree. And make the world a better place. There, will lie your relevance, wealth and happiness. The earlier you recognise that your degree is useless, the better for you.

Stanley G. Jack is the author of “Who Took My Job?”(@whotookmyjob) – coming soon!

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I Just Wanna Be Successful, Rich, And Happy – That’s All

Why can’t things be a little more easier? Why can’t I just have a job? Why can’t I just have that admission into the university? All my friends are getting married. Why can’t I just find that significant other who would love and care about me like I would? Why can’t my spouse understand that I love my job? Why is my boss a sadist? Why can’t I…why why why?!

That’s the tone of despair and frustration. And that’s absolutely the story of many folks out there.

We started out with great dreams. We had goals, built up hope and even others had expectations of us. Yet, life decides to play a hard-ball game on us; or so it seems. We have tried every thing and we still haven’t arrived at our dream destination in life. And it seems others just get it all easy. They try little and everything descends on their laps – just like that. We are even smarter than them. It’s frustrating!

Most have graduated many years ago and still today without work. Our relationships aint just working. Money is an issue, we seem to be perpetually broke – and in debt. Why is everything so difficult? Nothing we try ever works out. Why is life playing so impossible?!

I don’t know. I wish I can just give you the answer.

I have been working hard. I have put in decades and still here – at the bottom.

I need to move up. You too.

I need to be happy. Even you.

I just wanna be rich. You too, right?

I don’t know what it is you want out of life. Success, happiness, power, love, I have no idea. But I believe you have been working hard at it, and nothing seems to be working…It feels like giving up – seems the easiest thing to do anyway.
But then I figure, giving up is for losers. No body wins by giving up. No body got rich and happy by giving up. No body finds love by giving up on relationships. And so I keep pushing. Maybe if I don’t give up and keep working hard things would just turn out great. But then, hard work don’t necessarily put you ahead in life. O’boy, I need a break…so I put in more work.

What time is it already? It is quarter-to-achieve-yo-dream! Yeah, right.

I need a drink – sex on the beach, please. Hold on…

Woww, that sip felt cool.

There’s a gorgeous chic a feet away from me with a glass of margarita in her right hand as she clutches her gucci purse under her left arm. Why is she smiling at me with her sexy owl eyeballs? That’s a message…I think. That’s a sign.

I got a big day tomorrow. A huge deal to close that should make me a heaven lot of money. Yeah, I can’t give up. Neither should you. Stay on the hustle and may heaven smile on you.
Do have a great week and make sure you go out there and WIN – your dream.

Stanley G. Jack is the author of “Who Took My Job?”(@whotookmyjob) – coming soon!

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I remember when we were kids, we used to dream all kinds of noble and great dreams. Some of my friends/play mates would say they wanted to be SuperMan after watching the film. Some others said they wanted to be Policemen because we had a police-officer neighbour whom all the kids in the neighbourhood feared. And so forth.

Then we grew up and became different things apart from all what we had “wanted” to become when we “grow” up. Aside the (occasional loss of) interest, we grew up and realised that we didn’t have all the time to do all the things we had thought, dreamt and proclaimed; so we just forgot about the dreams.

Aren’t dreams for doing?. They are to be achieved and not forgotten. But there’s a little problem – we don’t have all the time to really do everything; often times, we make time our biggest opposition instead of getting time as our biggest ally.

One thing that remains dynamic and once lost is forever lost is time. Time is always moving – and fast. However, you can still have all the time in the world to do whatever and everything that you might ever dream to do or accomplish.

Get your goals straight and start doing something about it right away. If you are serious about accomplishing your goals/dreams and you are serious enough to do something about it right away, time would stand still for you untill you finish. If you are lazy and a procrastinator, time would leave you behind. Time is a spirit; and time respects doers and despises procrastinators.

Are you a doer or a procrastinator? Are you a talker without action? Think about it; deep down in you you know the answer to that question.

You may not have all the resources to accomplish everything you are set out for, but if you are an urgent doer time will respect you and call out the whole puzzle to fit in for your goals. That’s why they say that time settles all.

What do successful people (and billionaires) have in common? They make time work for them instead of against them by starting early – your early is today.

Start today and make time your biggest ally, instead of your biggest opposition. Time opposes procrastinators. Since the beginning of ages, time has always and will always zoom miles away from lazy folks who talk and don’t do. But time will always stand still for doers. All you need to do is become a doer and you will have time stand still for you. Isn’t that wonderful?

Stanley G. Jack is the author of “Who Took My Job?”(@whotookmyjob) – coming soon!

Follow him on Twitter:@wealthyJACK