Just yesterday, it was the first day of 2015. The New Year we had been waiting for had arrived; we celebrated. Drank wine and ate chicken.
Speedily the first quarter of 2015 is gone. It’s April. And it’s time to take yourself more seriously. Has the year been dulling you? Here is 6 simple steps to redefine 2015 and kick it back into high gear for better productivity.

1. Write out clear (actionable) goals. If there is something or anything that
you have ever wanted to achieve or accomplish in your life, 2015 is the year to do it.
My main goals for 2015 are rather simpler. I have the draft of my second book almost done. I let it sit idle for months. Why? I have no idea. Maybe other priorities. Maybe just laziness. But now I have to really finish it. I have let my tummy add some weight that I know I really should shed. I should hit the gym. Six packs coming soon. I know I have been saying that, but I mean it this time. I should watch my eating habit and cut down on TV time. Instead network more. Read more. Write more. Inspire more people.
You cannot absolutely accomplish anything if you do not know exactly what you want. 
This is the time to specify and start doing.

2. Change is coming; protect yourself
And I don’t mean the APC kind of change. I mean the PDP kind of change where they had to lose after being accustomed to winning for 16 years straight. Make no mistakes about it, 2015 has some surprises for you. And one of such will be that bad stuff will happen that you did not expect, from quarters you least expect.
When bad or unexpected things happen to some people, most do not know how to respond or react, so they hide and or give up. That should not be you this year. Be prepared for change. Change does not mean the end. It simply means setback (maybe), opportunity for more and greater success; it could mean anything.
So in all you plans or goals for 2015, try to have plans A, B, C, and D if possible.

3. Persistence gives birth to success.
It is not about the changes or challenges that come your way but about your staying power. Persistence.
Learn to get stronger with each and every day and the opportunities or unplanned changes or obstacles thrown your way.

4. Network more.
Who you know is truth. Success is a network game. Who you know and or mingle with matters. Surround yourself with people that you can learn from, people who motivate you. People who are smarter than you. You search them out. People that you can learn from.
Most of the times you don’t have to know or meet these people personally. A great book does magic. Read more.

5. Stay focused.
Eyes on the prize. Stay determined and focused on your
goal and do not allow nay sayers distract you. Once you are distracted you lose momentum. Then you fail.

6. Direct deposit to your savings account.
Everyone should have a savings account. Rains fall; sometimes cat and dog. But you don’t want to be caught without an umbrella.
Some people deposit money into their savings account…then they immediately drain it. Auto-spenders. I am guilty.
One of my goals this 2015 is to concentrate on building my savings accounts. And that also includes putting my spending habit on check. It is not wise to earn N100 and spend everything immediately. Put some aside. And let it build up.

I compiled these 6 points because I believe that they should help you stay motivated, as you practice them, then generate more energy and run faster. The year has not even gone half and some people have already achieved over 55 percent of their goals for the year. 2015 is yours for the taking.

Stanley G. Jack

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A BIG congratulation is in order for ‘The peoples’ General’ Mohammudu Buhari, the APC presidential candidate who in the past twelve months fought a good and cheering democratic fight and was on Tuesday March 31st returned by INEC as the president-elect, of Nigeria; he shall assume office on may 29th 2015.

Congratulations also to every Nigerian who made commitments to make that electoral victory happen. By demonstrating that ‘power’ belongs to the people through the ballot you are the true heroes of Nigeria’s democracy.

GMB’s victory at the polls after previously three unsuccessful attempts holds a great lesson for us all.

Here are six important lessons that you can draw from the General’s dream of becoming Nigeria’s democratic president, and his eventual election.

“Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence,” says a young Nigerian, Jide Ogunsanwo (@ogunsanwojide). Life doesn’t get any easier. You have to learn to get stronger with each and every challenge or obstacle thrown your way. So never give up on a beautiful dream that inspires you because of prior failures.

And do not forget that it is never too late to achieve your dream because you can begin now. GMB failed three times and only succeeded at the fourth trial to become Nigeria’s elected president. You are closer to your success and you don’t even know it. Don’t give up.

You deserve what you settle for and earn what you choose to fight for. The choice and tenacity is yours, only. No one can stop you until you decide to give up.

Go out there today and do something about your dream. Take it one step at a time. Learn from each of your failed attempts. Keep pressing forward. You won’t know how close you are to victory or success until you obtain it.

At your lowest moments when you feeling exhausted and ready to throw-in the towel, just tell yourself ‘One more time.”

President Goodluck E. Jonathan was elected to provide a new direction and leadership for Nigeria and he accidentally or intentionally failed to do so. That is why I have always maintained that GMB did not win. GEJ lost. Nigerians won. Don’t get that twisted.

The 2015 presidential election was not for GMB to win, it was for GEJ to lose. And he lost. Nigerians massively voted for GEJ in 2011, and they expected him to provide leadership which Nigerians hoped would be translated to stopping Boko Haram militants. Fighting corruption. And effective handling of the economy.

Instead, GEJ waited until only six weeks to the elections to demonstrate any serious offensive against  Boko Haram. He surrounded himself with elements who were perceived more by Nigerians as representing corruption. In the minds of Nigerians, their dear country was heading for the pit of hell and they were ready to go to civil war using the ‘Permanent Voter’s Card’ as weapon of mass dismissal to rescue Nigeria. Jonathan and most PDP candidates were all summarily dismissed at the polls across Nigeria.

People are getting wiser every day. They will surely decipher your double-coated words or body language. Don’t think you can or should deceive anyone.

GEJ relied on the votes that came from areas he won in 2011; but times changed and he didn’t take notice. One rule of continuous success is that you should never rely on yesterday’s achievements for today’s glory. If you do you will live in the past and become outdated and summarily dismissed, with ignominy and with immediate effect. Then someone else will take your place.

Democracy in Nigeria has matured and Nigerians believe that if GEJ cannot provide effective leadership then he should make way for someone who can.
One of the signs of great leadership is the ability to read the peoples’ mood; then adjust accordingly, where and when need be. Jonathan went dancing in Kano when 59 boys were murdered in Buni Yadi; a grave mistake. A great leader would never do that.

Someone said that “The difference between excellence and mediocrity is commitment. President Jonathan was not committed to effective leadership and that played to General Buhari’s advantage at the polls.

Stay committed to effective leadership in your life and work because that commitment is the energy you would need to defeat the next obstacle coming your way.

If you have a job, remember that you have been hired to accomplish a specific task, to solve a specific problem for your employer. You must know and do your job or get fired. Do not equivocate. Remember this when you send in that next job application.

Make the right friends. Do not hire mediocres to work for you then expect an excellent result.

Success is a network game. It matters who you associate with. Don’t mingle with anyone who will be a liability to your dream. Don’t hire a mediocre to do a great job.

In politics as in life, who you know is truth and Jesus Christ said that the truth (your connections) shall make you free; that is to say that no man is an island, who you know or associate with will go a long way in helping you become who or what you want to be.

Never hire a lousy brat to speak for you and expect to be taken seriously. From Reno Omokiri to Femi Fani Kayode to Doyin Okupe, all GEJ’s associates were liabilities to his ambition.

According to the one who goes by the moniker ‘Onye Nkuzi’ (@cchukudebelu), “Jonathan never projected an image of a man on top of his game. His team was pathetic, he didn’t have leadership instincts.”

Treat them nicely. Give them what they want. Don’t make up excuses or blame anyone for your incompetence.

If you desire to serve a particular people or market with your goods or services, understand who you are dealing with and serve appropriately. People won’t buy mediocre products when they know that they deserve and can get better. Your competitors are waiting like hawks to take advantage of your mistakes.

Under-estimating General Mohammudu Buhari was President Goodluck Jonathan’s biggest undoing. He did not stop there, President Jonathan also underestimated Nigerians and their passion for change. Don’t be like that.

Once you are distracted you lose balance and momentum. Then you fail. Maintain focus. Eyes on the prize. This was General Mohammudu Buhari’s biggest silent weapon: eyes on the prize. He remained steadfast in the face of opposition and public ridicule. That is the definition of character. Stay focused on your goal. And don’t let the nay sayers distract you.

Stanley G. Jack

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