There are many who don’t believe a bit that anything good can come out of Nigeria. They can easily believe the gloom and doom so quickly than they can of anything encouraging. Yet, they dwell in this country and expect to prosper. Most of them are youths without jobs, broke and desperate; others are old people, without hope and in debt.

When you say, “Happy independence.” They ask, “What’s there to be happy about?” and that is the problem!

I am Nigerian; I am Nigeria; a proud one for that matter; proud to be Nigerian, not because I am so happy and comfortable with the situation of our dear country. I am a proud Nigerian, simply because I believe with the whole of my heart that “these things” (our challenges) are temporary and subject to change. Each of us possesses enough grace to make a little but positive difference upon our country.

If you live in Nigeria, and things are not good on your side, you may not be doing anything wrong; but check closely, there just might be something you are not doing rightly!

Don’t bad-mouth Nigeria. There is the freedom of speech; a citizen’s inalienable right. No one can take it away from you. But like everything else, that freedom is a two-edged sword. Use it rightly and you will be blessed; use it wrongly and you reap the fruits also. Whatever you keep saying about your country is what you will experience in your life, especially when you are living in the same country. If you speak well about Nigeria, you will see well, and will you be blessed well. Speak wrongly about your country, and the things you continue to speak will begin to manifest in your life.

Abusing your president and leaders will not change things. Losing hope in Nigeria will not make things better. Only a positive mindset that each of us can contribute our part in whatever small manner can change things positively. Is it so difficult to bless Nigeria? I don’t think so! If you have nothing good to say about Nigeria, say nothing and or go live in Liberia and Iraq, and see the difference.

If there is unemployment, then that is an opportunity for you to create work for millions of our youths; you shall be richer for it. Decide to make a difference!

Someone says she would never have chosen Nigeria, if she was asked; yeah, that was why you were not asked. God planted you here in Nigeria, for a reason – to make a difference! You are somebody on a mission, to speak and bring good to our country. Are you going to fail in that divine mission? If you do what are you going to tell God?

Be thankful for your country and pray for change and contribute your part.


Of course every human being on earth wants to be successful.
There is no single person in the world who says his or her dream is to be a failure.

There are many great books that have been written on how to become successful in life. But there a few lessons to be learned from habits that keep many from reaching their potential.

Here, are three key habits that silently prevent people from achieving success.

One,false beliefs:
Many people don’t realize that this also is a habit that people form. Some people believe that poverty is their birthright; that their circumstances are “unchangeable” and therefore they do not even try for a change. What you choose to believe will become your reality.
No matter your situation in life, change is the only thing that is constant. Anything that you can see, feel, smell or touch is subject to change. You can effect change in your situation, today. Believe that.

Two, lack of goals:
This is another negative habit that could prevent anyone from reaching their potential. It is necessary to realize that no matter what you intend to accomplish in this life, you may not be able to do everything at once. It is imperative therefore to have a positive habit of goal-setting. You should have long term, medium term, and short term goals.
You must have little action steps daily that move you closer to your dream.

And, three, inaction:
Inaction is a very negative habit. You know that something needs to be done, but you choose to do nothing about it.
Another word used in describing ‘inaction’ is procrastination. It is actual irresponsibility to postpone till tomorrow that which you can do today. Especially when it is important that it be done today and immediately.

Success in life and business is never by accident. Success is a deliberate and intentional process. Success is for those who do. Be someone who is “promt-to-do” when it is necessary.

Believe positively. Be a goal setter and a goal-getter, be an action-person. Success is yours.