“In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.” — Robert Frost

I say to you: when the troubles of life mount against you, as if you now have the whole wild and wide world on your head, it is not the time to get complacent or have doubts about your future.

In fact it becomes the very moment to stay “fired up” on your #momentum; to believe in yourself more than ever.

“Your opinion of yourself becomes your reality. If you have all these doubts, then no one will believe in you and everything will go wrong. If you think the opposite, the opposite will happen. It’s that simple.”
– 50 CENT

Stanley G. Jack
MD, Stanley Wallstreet Limited
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Stanley is the author of “Who Took My Job?”(@whotookmyjob) – coming soon!
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Well, what am I gonna answer you now!

I don’t even know if this is gonna make sense (but who cares? Am the boss here. So I can say whatever I want, however I want whether I make sense or not).

For one, I know I went to school not to get a degree — obviously I have no use for that overrated piece of paper.

Most people (especially parents and those young people who are scared to death about money and life) would say ‘you go to school so that you have something to fall back on’ if other things don’t work. “Fall back on”?…I don’t wanna fall back; I would rather fall forward!

Except you have a specific need or use for that piece of paper, you don’t need a degree. You don’t need it to succeed in life. The use most people have had so far for their degree after graduation is to decorate the wall at home or office. Degree – a piece of paper that says you went to a particular place and spent a particular number of years reading a particular subject. Ok.

A person can be very educated without going through the traditional school system. For me personally, I think I went to school because everyone I knew was going to school. My family sent me to school early (at 7 or so) when I could have had no resistance. You are beat up if you resisted going to school. And in fact we laughed at those kids who were not willing to go to school and whose parents always had to beat them up.

I am glad though that I attended school. I had much fun in school. And I learnt to read and write. Anyone who can’t read and write is BLIND. And great is that blindness! I will advice kids to make sure to go to school – it’s a good experience; you meet great friends too who could be really helpful when you want to run for political office. And that includes meeting the spouse of your life…OK.

However while I was learning in high school, I knew I would never have the need to use my certificate or degree to search for a job. And that’s one of the major reasons I never really cared much about grades as long as I passed my exams – that’s beside the point that I actually find reading school books boring.. I understood early enough that academic grades were never really a measure of my intelligence. I am smart. I am very smart. U don’t believe me? How would I know how to spell intelligence correctly if I wasn’t smart?
Successful entrepreneurship had always been my dream. Again, you see? How would I know what my dream was if I wasn’t smart. (What’s being smart gotto do with what I am writing now? I haven’t figured that out yet…)

When I think of making money or more money, I think of something, an enterprise to begin; a product or service to offer. I look for something to expand.
That’s who I am. That’s how I think. That’s how smart I am. (Pls., somebody tell my alter ego to stop talking about being smart!!)

I wish people who want a job “good luck.” I don’t need a job. And I don’t need good luck. Good luck is for people who can’t control and predict life – their life. If I cannot predict my life then I am not in control of my life. And I want to be in control. I was created to be in control. I saw that in Genesis. We believe that God created man, and in Genesis it is written that man should “be in charge,” that is, in control. Control is power. And I lose that power once I go under an employer.

Aside control I don’t think I want to live a life that is based on “thinking small.” Call it ‘To cut your coat according to your size.’ When we were kids some parents bought their kids oversized clothes and shoes so that they could ‘grow into’ it and wear it for a very long time. That’s actually a wise thing. Because if you love a particular shoe or clothe you should be able to wear it for a very long time if you want to. That’s love and appreciation.

I don’t want to cut my coat according to my size (one-size-fits-all kinda way of life). Especially as it concerns life. I want to live a “tailor-made’ life with scalability. I want to think BIG and live large. Some people are comfortable living small and not make an impact in life. Are you like that? Not me.

Some people are comfortable surviving in a job even when it is clearly obvious that it is inadequate. I can’t be that person. Others would take sh*t from unreasonable bosses just to keep a job. I can’t be that person.
In life everyone is at liberty to make their choices. If you choose a degree for a job – good luck. If you choose a job over entrepreneurial freedom – good luck to you.

However, I still believe that every person can think BIG. You are already thinking; why not just make your thinking big at once? A job is a nice thing though – someone is got to work it, but you should consider – is that job or life you are heading for going to make you happy? Will it help solve your financial challenges?

People work not because they love their jobs or bosses. In fact most people hate their job and think their boss is the devil’s cousin. But they work because they need money to take care of life. If they stop working the little money stops showing up. They offer their services to their employer in exchange for money to run their life and family and needs. In other words, they do ‘something’ for their employer so that the employer can take care of them even though that no matter how nice the employer is, whatever s/he can do for you is never enough. And soon you are looking for another job or a raise – God help you if you don’t get FIRED asking for it.

That’s life. Nothing is free. You must exchange something for something. Why not exchange your services then for freedom? Working for yourself and keeping and expanding your own profits to suit your needs and something to live behind for your kids?
The Bible accounts that a godly man leaves an inheritance for his kids. Now your kids can’t inherit your job – no matter how good you are at it. They can inherit your businesses.

Actually most people would love to start their own businesses. That’s a fact. If only they would just stop dreaming and start doing. Some of them think they are inexperienced, not connected, and lack the money to begin with. These excuses have no bases. A mirage.

People who have started successful enterprises know that actually no one entrepreneur knew what he was doing when getting started. They just throw themselves in the ring and start fighting until they win. It is the determination to stay in the fight and learn the process. You don’t need a connection in business before you start. You build your connection – network, as you go along. Yeah, you may need some startup capital; but just enough with the little you think you have now. Robert Kiyosaki (author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad) says that the most important job of an entrepreneur is to raise funds. You don’t need your own money to start. You need to know how to get money from other people to start your business.

They may be your family and friends and some investors, but learn to ask and receive from other people to do what you dream to do. You may just say to them “Hi, I am smart. I want to change the world. Will you give me a million dollars?” As simple as that. What happens if they think you are stupid and say “No”? Find another person. Keep your dream and start learning why people say yes or no when you start asking them for money and help – but don’t stop.

So be a seeker of knowledge. Search out information to aid your startup. You already have all the resources to begin on your dream. Success begins with learning. So learn as you go along.

Never limit yourself in your thinking if you really dream to accomplish something. Lose your shyness. I have realised that some people are very shy and it silently affects whatever they do or want to do. They reason too much of what others would or might say/think that it cripples them. If you want to do or build something reasonable and or achieve your dream, you have got to build first your self-confidence. Believe in yourself and let others think and say what they want or will. People are entitled to their opinion, how that opinion affects you or not is totally your choice.

You can’t control the thoughts in someone’s head so why worry about it?!
Just be yourself and do your thing – whatever that is. And good luck with that degree you’re chasing.

I am, @wealthymotivatr

Author of “WHO took MY JOB?” – coming soon.


And then she asks “Why are you so quiet? Don’t you wanna talk?”

Oh, I wanna talk quite alright. I can talk massive . I can jump up and down and play the music so loud (as I do funny and unreasonable dance steps) that my neighbors be praying for PHCN to work their usual to have some peace.

But more and more here I am gulping down Richard Branson’s “BUSINESS STRIPPED BARE – Adventures Of a Global Entrepreneur” or Akio Morita’s “MADE IN JAPAN” or just sitting down alone/quietly while indulging myself in fantasies that carry me far beyond my present status and location. I see me as a leader in business and politics. I visualize in great detail exotic places I would love to dwell and holiday around the world, the cars I would love to drive, my new Embraer Jet, my wife (how fair and pretty), how I would love to raise my kids, the very outside world that I would love to explore and take, soon.

Right before me I see my legacy – then I realize that I am right here, in this small town, in Akwa Ibom state, in the name of NYSC. Then I smile and say to myself “This is a life of freedom and possibility.”

But these are not mere fantasies – they are real; they are destined to happen. I see them clearly, most often now than usual.

Then she asks “Now why you smiling…?” “I have seen the world. I have seen the life. It is impressive. It is inspiring. I keep seeing it.” Just 20 words I said to her in 45 minutes… She lifts both hands in the air as if in frustration and walks away with her friend. She obviously has no idea what I am talking about. But that’s no problem — I know who I am and I understand perfectly what I am talking about and that’s all that matters.

“Your sense of who you are will determine your actions and what you end up getting in life.
Your sense of self-worth comes from you alone – never the opinion of others. With a rising confidence in your abilities, you will take risks that will increase your chances of success.”

When I reach out or in to my spirit, this neighborhood would not confine me. I’ve got the world in my pocket (oh, you may read ‘Blackberry’.) 🙂

What are you feeding your mind? What are you thinking about and what do you see with the eyes of your mind? I thought you saw the world — your world. Was I right?

I understand that Life will deal many options on the table before you — good, bad, ugly and indifferent options. Sometimes you will think you have no choice but to pick from or accept Life’s options dealt you, but, at such moments I remember that I can always create my own options. I always have a choice.

To have a choice is to have freedom. Freedom to choose is power. And am not given up that power for one of Life’s “good options.” I want a perfect option. Pefect is better than good and if it does not exist yet, I wanna create it then drop my closed-fist hard on the table as I say (imagining that Life is sitting across the table) “How about that sucker?”

That’s why I dream wide and wild. My fantasies become realities…when I walk with her, hand in hand across one of the sexiest beaches of Brazil she will understand those “20 words in 45 minutes.” That’s all.

Share your thoughts, you may…at the comments section. Let’s reason.

Stanley, is the managing director of Stanley Wallstreet Limited, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

And author of “Who Took My Job?”(@whotookmyjob) – coming soon!

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The world has changed. It’s no longer 1960.

Today we observe a world where kids are more aware than their parents (if you want to be able to predict the direction the world is going, look at the world through the eyes a child – as in fashion, technology, religion, entertainment, etc) . Expanded desires – people wanting more. Insatiable human (natural and man-made) needs.

People are now able to tell that the job or opportunity they once thought perfect is not perfect after all. There’s need for more – more every thing. More clothes. More houses. More foods. More friends. More toys. More money. More swag (whatever that means).

People used to gain more by working hard. Now people who work harder earn lesser and people who work the less earn the more.

Power has changed hands as they say in Nigeria.

It’s no longer about being educated and having a job. It’s no longer about having a fancy degree. Every person now has one fancy degree or the other. A degree no longer makes a difference. Even dogs and cats now have degrees.

It’s a different world now and the rules of living, interaction, play and money have changed. All the tools needed to live our lives just exactly as we would want to are now at our disposal. Our interaction with family and friends are no longer limited by space or distance. (Clap ya hands 4 technology)

Steve Jobs and Apple, and the others have changed forever how we play -music, movies, data sharing, etc.
As Robert T. Kiyosaki rightly observed, “In the Digital Age, the richest people are entrepreneurs.” That’s right. We are in the digital age. And if you are not yet online (Social media. E.g Facebook, Twitter etc) then you are on a long thing. The question even is no longer about just having a presence on social media. The question now is how is how are you going to use social media to enhance your business and or personality? How do you make the profitable-best of social media.

Some people are happier when they are interacting online. And become bored at “log-off.” The real world is no longer just the physical. The real world now includes the virtual world..

Employees used to do so well, now they are an endangered species. As you read this note, thousands have lost their jobs and thousands others are about to lose theirs in your city. That’s the digital age at play. Technology changing the old and establishing new rules.

If you care to notice, the hip-hop-young-money culture has over taken what I call “old-mentality-money.” 16 and 25 year-olds are having fun and making a hell of a money for themselves (in the billions of dollars), while the 40-50 year-olds are losing their jobs and going broke.

In this new world, there is a good advice from ‘The 50th Law,’ (a book by the rapper 50 Cent and Robert Greene). The advice is, “Let others depend on their MBAs…and their connections…” You instead “..rely upon that hustler’s eye that…” can bring you from “…the bottom to the top in just a few years.”

You need the hustler’s eye. The eye of an eagle.

A hustler’s eye sees things for what they truly are. Reality. “By focusing your attention on what is going on around you, you will gain a sharp appreciation for what makes some people advance and others fall behind. By seeing through people’s manipulations, you can turn them around. The firmer your grasp on reality, the more power you will have to alter it for your purpose.”

Some people hate change. They fight it. Some others embrace change as an inevitability and therefore profit by it. Fight change and die. Embrace change and live. Reality is no longer thrust upon you. You can now create your own reality with tools of technology already existent and imagination.

Your chances of success with your small start-up business has been multiplied geometrically by technology. If you have ever dreamt of starting a small business, do not hesitate any longer. Whatever life you dream to live is now possible than ever. There are more opportunities in the world now than ever for the young man or woman who believes in the beauty of his or her dream.

You can dream and achieve. ‘IMPOSSIBLE’ used to mean ‘No Way.’ Now impossible means ‘I’mpossible.’ I am possible. You are. Live like a man. Success is right in your heart my friend. You carry a dream within your spirit. Now go be a man and make the world a better place using your “Hustler’s eye.” That “Hustler’s eye” sees opportunities and privileges where others see nothing or only chaos.

I am, @wealthymotivatr

The writer is the author of “Who took My Job?” – coming soon.


A special “thank you” to everyone who wished me on my birthday (yesterday). God bless you all. Seeing your wishes just made me smile…I had a beautiful day.

After having 30 parties, at 30 different locations, within 30 minutes distance of each other, (only in my mind), I reasoned that with age comes RESPONSibility…first to yourself & then to others.

Take your age seriously. You will never clock each one twice. Therefore don’t postpone till next year what you can do 2day. And believe me, you can achieve a whole lot today, if you will just start. Don’t observe the challenges. They are not that real.

I have heard many folks say that age is nothing. Don’t believe them. Age is something; a huge thing. It is a very important factor. To take your age seriously is to take your life and success and happiness and relevance…seriously! Be age-wise.
Once one is 18 years and above, there’s just certain way one must begin to think…responsibility – social and economic independence. Set positive and life improving goals for yourself. And go after them with gusto and determination. Your life should be better every passing year.

For this year of the Lord, 2013, I wish you joy and happiness, and I pray for you that no evil will reach you and or your loved ones. You’re protected. Favour is yours.
You’re blessed in your studies, family and work.

Thank you.

I am, @wealthymotivatr

WHY ARE YOU HERE? (Why go to school?)

Talking to students in a university campus:

Why are you a student? Why are you here? You are here because society told you to come here. Society told you that you needed education and that you will get that needed education in school; and you believed it, because your parents believed it.

You have come to school to study, work hard, listen to uninteresting professors, compulsorily study boring subjects, gain discipline, make friends, do some stupid things, so that you could have a good and or better experience and life after graduation and also be a contributing member of society. That’s why you became a student?

You are here because you want to prepare for the future. You know that a time comes when you would have to work and take good care of yourself and who ever else may be dependent on you, like, family. That’s why you are here?

You are here because you wanted to be a Lawyer, Medical doctor, Social scientist, Economist, Engineer, Architect, to mention a few. That’s why you are here, to be properly educated for that profession?

You want to be rich. Society told you that to get rich you need a job. So you have come to school to study for that first degree to get a job. Then go for your Masters to increase your value and obtain promotions at work. Then maybe you will go for a PhD…maybe. For what? Any personal particular reason you are passionate about or because society “said so”?

The question then is not whether you have gone to school or not, the question is ‘have you come to the right school and are you studying the right subjects?’ That is the question you must first ask yourself. Many have gone to the wrong schools and many have studied the wrong subjects because society and sometimes parents have said so and their life have been disjointed by it.


You have today. Don’t waste it. Draw a life plan before you graduate. If all you are expecting after graduation is just a “JOB,” then my friend you are on a long thing.

Understand that everyone who comes into the world comes with a dream. Reach inward to your dream and let it shine…Society lies. Parents are not always right. You may not have all necessary information to make a perfect judgement, but let your dream or passion guide you.

I am, @wealthymotivatr


“Our prosperity as a nation depends on the personal. financial prosperity of each of us as individuals.”

In the (same) spirit of the above quote, the prosperity of your father’s house depends upon the personal financial well-being of each of your family members. And you can aspire to be the richest member of your father’s household. Why not? Is anything wrong with that? I don’t think so.
This write-up was inspired by that timeless book of financial wisdom – The Richest Man in Babylon. It is a great book, and one I recommend you read being that you desire financial success.
First of all, you come from a family; there are uncles, aunts, and all levels of relatives – and all the ancestors before you. No matter their financial or economic and social status, you could choose to be bigger and more successful than them all.
So here I share some positives ways to get rich and richer than you already are.

1)INHERITANCE. This is the easiest path to getting rich or richer; you don’t have to work hard for it. In short you don’t have to do anything for it. You simply get born into a wealthy family.
And once you realize you have been born into a wealthy family, there’s just one thing you could do – be grateful to God and to your family; you are truly fortunate.
However rich your family is, you can still aspire to be richer and bigger than them all. Success or wealth has no ceiling; strive to increase the value of what you have or will receive.

2)MARRIAGE. If you are not Aliko Dangote’s cousin or nephew, don’t worry, all hope is not lost. You can still grab a good share of his wealth. Just marry his son or daughter or his sister’s child and you are made.
Find a rich man or woman and ‘fall’ in love. Get married.
You may not have control or choice over the family you are/were born into, but you definitely have control over the choice of whom you marry – the family your kids are born into.
There is nothing wrong or shameful about marrying a man or woman for the money. You are just being smart.

“Money makes the enjoyment of the best the earth affords.”

3)SELF MADE. If you are neither going to inherit great wealth, and you are not going to marry a man or woman for the money, then you have another option — self made; getting rich by your own hustle.
Any person can be a self made millionaire or a self made billionaire.
Just take the following points seriously:

How badly do you want it?
Riches don’t come by mere wishes. You must be willing to work smart and hard. You can achieve anything that you desire badly enough. Those who want to succeed or be rich badly enough do not give up when life throws unpleasant challenges and difficulties their way. Smart people get a hold on their challenges and turn them around to their advantage.
Nothing should be big enough to thwart your dreams.

Your family background does not matter
This is especially if you have come from a poor family (no person should ever be ashamed of their family, rich or poor).
Your family could be the poorest of the poor in your community, but you can rise above that poverty to become the richest person in your family and in your community.
Be a dreamer. Be visionary. Be a goal-setter and a goal-getter. Great things begin humbly and in small ways.

Study how others have done
Of course; for everything you may ever desire to accomplish in life, someone has already done before you. Great books have been written which you could pick up and read to improve your life and make your work easier.
Find out how another successful person accomplished what you dream to accomplish; learn their lessons. Follow their positive examples and avoid their mistakes.

Your degrees don’t matter
A degree is a good thing. But a degree has never made any body wealthy. Today, a first class degree, as impressive as it may seem, is no longer a guarantee.
Life is more than a ‘glorified’ piece of paper. So don’t put your hope on what you studied in school or the quality of your graduating certificate. Put your hope in the works of your own hands. Believe in your hustle; own what you produce.

Your job won’t do it
Salary alone can’t make you rich. It is a nice thing to have a job after graduating from school; nobody deserves to be jobless. It is possible to have a ‘good’ job and still be broke – happens every day.

Mind your own business
Any person desirous of getting and staying rich should think in terms of businesses and investments.
There is no guarantee that the business or investment that you are going to start will be successful; businesses rise and fall. However, there is always an opportunity of success for the person who is creative, tenacious and visionary.
Businesses do things and solve problems; just find the right one for you. The right idea is what you do need – the simpler the better.
Most of the mega corporations that you see today all began small; Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Ford Motor Company, Dangote Group, etc. Today they are all multi-billion dollar companies.
Those who succeed in business are those who are not afraid to get started with just the little resources they have at hand. As far as starting a successful business is concerned, all you need is just all that you have right now.
Start small and grow big. That is the formular. And with that simple formular, you could just end up as the richest one in your father’s house; especially if you are the type that doesn’t really give up on your dreams because of small challenges.

START VISUALIZING POSITIVELY: Success begins first in the mind.

Everything is created twice; first, in the mind (imagination) and then, the physical.

Have you ever imagined something to the extent that it feels like reality? The mind is powerful when you know how to put it to good use. I know from experience that positive thinking will create positive ‘seeing’ and what you see is what you will get. It is true that if you can think about something and see it clearly in your mind, you can make it happen.

If you can see it in your mind and if you can believe it, then you can succeed with anything.
And one of the important ways to be and remain successful is to keep yourself motivated. And the truth is, you are your own biggest motivator. I like to keep myself positively motivated. And some times I do that by collecting great and inspiring quotes.

Personally here are some of my favorites:

*Imagination is more important than knowledge. ~ Albert Einstein

*I know the price of success: dedication to the things you want to see happen. ~ Frank Lloyd Wright

*He who looks outside his own heart dreams, he who looks inside his own heart awakens. ~ Carl Jung

*Continuous effort – not strength or intelligence – is the key to unlocking our potential. ~ Winston Churchill

*Are you Nigerian? Give yourself one hundred and sixty million reasons why you must succeed today, and you will. ~ Stanley G. Jack.

*Don’t be satisfied with just earning a good living. Look forward to making a statement; do great! ~ Stanley G. Jack

Remain blessed and do have a great weekend!


There are many who don’t believe a bit that anything good can come out of Nigeria. They can easily believe the gloom and doom so quickly than they can of anything encouraging. Yet, they dwell in this country and expect to prosper. Most of them are youths without jobs, broke and desperate; others are old people, without hope and in debt.

When you say, “Happy independence.” They ask, “What’s there to be happy about?” and that is the problem!

I am Nigerian; I am Nigeria; a proud one for that matter; proud to be Nigerian, not because I am so happy and comfortable with the situation of our dear country. I am a proud Nigerian, simply because I believe with the whole of my heart that “these things” (our challenges) are temporary and subject to change. Each of us possesses enough grace to make a little but positive difference upon our country.

If you live in Nigeria, and things are not good on your side, you may not be doing anything wrong; but check closely, there just might be something you are not doing rightly!

Don’t bad-mouth Nigeria. There is the freedom of speech; a citizen’s inalienable right. No one can take it away from you. But like everything else, that freedom is a two-edged sword. Use it rightly and you will be blessed; use it wrongly and you reap the fruits also. Whatever you keep saying about your country is what you will experience in your life, especially when you are living in the same country. If you speak well about Nigeria, you will see well, and will you be blessed well. Speak wrongly about your country, and the things you continue to speak will begin to manifest in your life.

Abusing your president and leaders will not change things. Losing hope in Nigeria will not make things better. Only a positive mindset that each of us can contribute our part in whatever small manner can change things positively. Is it so difficult to bless Nigeria? I don’t think so! If you have nothing good to say about Nigeria, say nothing and or go live in Liberia and Iraq, and see the difference.

If there is unemployment, then that is an opportunity for you to create work for millions of our youths; you shall be richer for it. Decide to make a difference!

Someone says she would never have chosen Nigeria, if she was asked; yeah, that was why you were not asked. God planted you here in Nigeria, for a reason – to make a difference! You are somebody on a mission, to speak and bring good to our country. Are you going to fail in that divine mission? If you do what are you going to tell God?

Be thankful for your country and pray for change and contribute your part.