You can actually tell how quickly successful (if at all) you can ever be by just examining your clique of friends and acquaintances.

You are being influenced subtly but tremendously, in ways you can’t imagine, by the people you know, like and spend time with; the things you see, hear or smell. And of course the books you read. Even the movies you watch and the music you listen to, all silently influence your world view, attitude and actions.

The fruits of these influences do not manifest quickly though, they build up over time. Then one day, you or the people close to you realise that you have become a different person. And you begin to hear them say things like “You have changed, my friend!”

A new habit would have formed. A new world view would have emerged. A new person would have been born.

Examine your life today, and your clique of friends, and ask yourself “Am I being influenced positively or negatively?”

Sometimes, the success you are dreaming to have will only happen if you would change your clique of friends or just refine it; change your environment or redevelop it; or simply by changing the materials you read. It gets that simple, sometimes!