2015: The Biggest Show-down In Nigeria’s Political History (or not?)

Between July 1967 and January 1970 Nigeria was at war; our country men were killing each other with guns and grenades. Men died in the thousands at the frontlines (including my uncle, Blessing Frank Jack) fighting a course that most of them did not even understand and women and children starved to death at home and in the bushes in Biafra. It was a terribly bloody and devastating civil war (one of the worst wars ever fought in world history), which should never have happened in the first place – the war could have been avoided.

If the Biafran civil war could have been avoided, why then did it happen? Simple: because of the ego (massaged by sycophants) of two men; one at the Federal level and the other at the Regional level – Gowon and Ojukwu.

It is 2014, 34 years after, two men (again) have risen, their ego driving them – in like manner, one at the Federal (President – Goodluck Ebele Jonathan ) and the other at the State level (Governor – Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi).

One year before the war, aids and supporters were making all manner of inflammatory statements and employing all manner of desperate propagandas (it is happening again, 34 years after).
The same calibre of propaganda machinery employed by both sides, one year before the Biafran war, is being employed by the APC/PDP today, one year before the general elections. Both sides are showing signs of high desperation in attempt to cultivate public sentiments.
For both sides it is fight to finish, as defeat is perceived as total irrelevance or demise.

My mother, Margaret, jokingly tells us of the war that Ojukwu said “To keep Nigeria one there must be attack,” and Gowon responded “Attack must be done,” and then there began the war.

GEJ’s men have declared “PDP will rule Nigeria for decades” – 50 years? And RCA says “Only a fool will vote for GEJ.” Now the ‘armoury’ is being stocked for the BIGGEST show-down in Nigeria’s political history.

For political (and personal) gains, the rule of law has been despised, state institutions such as the Police and other Law Enforcement agencies have been ‘hijacked,’ judicial processes are been abused, bomb scare, Boko Haram, accusations and counter-accusations, have being injected into the political-propaganda machinery; we had the worst civil war in world history, now, we are going to have the world’s biggest/fiercest political battle. We no dey carry last – ever!

In all of these things, one thing is certain – Nigeria will never be the same again after 2015 (for better or worse). And history will hold these two men (The President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and the Governor of Rivers, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi) to account whichever way the pendulum swings. May there not be the re-enactment of the 2007/2008 Kenyan political situation on our lands. We don’t want the repeat of the political violence that followed the 2011 general election. Amen! Or, do we?

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I nearly killed a man and every body just stood there watching. A broken head, gee on the ground, blood everywhere and all the girls ran away.

Its astonishing how far a man could go when his pride is hurt. The guy hurt my ego; he effed me up in the presence of girls. Girls. How can you do that to a man? How can you embarrass a gee when the chic of his crush is right there watching? That’s evil. Who does that?

It was senior year in High School. Me and my friends were chilling when I dropped the ‘bomb’ that I had just being effed up the previous night, along with another of my guy who had tried coming to my rescue.
As soon as my friends heard the story, they said “He had no right to do that. Let’s pay him back in his own coin.” And that’s exactly what we did.

It was at a private lesson organised for senior secondary school students. I was a funny guy, in the class. It was ‘cool’ to be funny. People knew you and talked about you.
So one cool evening, the scheduled teacher was running late and I thought I should take his place to make a few jokes. Most members of the class were enjoying my gabs. But not this guy. He hated my guts. He instantly chided me, right there in the class, deflating my mojo. That wasn’t cool. That was malicious. And all malicious people will go to hell.

A wind of embarrassment blew over my face for a minute. As I quickly recovered I jokingly mentioned for everyone to hear “If you have a problem with me, let’s go do it outside…” Of course I didn’t mean it. It was just an escape for me to move away.

The kid took it serious. He came outside and fucked me up before everyone. Before my crush. I didn’t think I could let that slide. I had to prove to him, to my crush, to everyone present that I was not a wimp.

I didn’t know what to do but my friends had a “great” idea…

Next day as he was walking to class, with springs in his steps, my boys spread and jumped him. With sticks hidden in nearby flowers/bushes. Just picture the Rivers House of Assembly fracas (you can see on Youtube). Picture Mohamed Ali’s rumble in the jungle – this time five against one. We were like Chinese ninjas that afternoon.

Everybody just stood watching. Once the girls saw blood, they all ran. Blood – everywhere. I had to stop my friends from doing further harm on him – I was afraid he might die.

Rude boy had been paid back in his own coin. Right before his crush. He was pained by the embarrassment of it, more than the pains from his injuries. And he vowed on his life to get us all whacked to hell.

That’s when it hit us — he was a member of a vicious street gang. Oh boy! Matter just got worse.

A huge fight ensued the next night – same spot. Kid showed up with his vicious gang who were ready to do great wickedness for their boy…

Few days later, my friends were being chased all over town. They couldn’t go to certain places for fear of harm. I decided it was probably the best time for a one or two months vacation. By the time I returned I learned my friends had arranged a superior influence and there had been peace on our own terms.

Life is just exactly like that and I learnt a few things.


1) Not everyone thinks you’re funny

2) Some people would hate your guts for just no reason. “What you think of Stanley Jack?” “Fuck him!” “Why you say that?” “I don’t like him. I hate his guts.” “Why?” “Fuck him, mehn, I just don’t like him!” You get the point.

3) Never rely completely on the advice from your friends – they are too emotionally connected to you. They love you but still won’t give you the best advice.

4) When you grow older you realise that most of the things you took seriously weren’t that serious afterall. So be careful about your thoughts, friends and actions – always think about the future.

5) Never fuck a gee up in public — even if you don’t like him — especially before chics. Never think he can do nothing. You never know what his crazy friend would come up with.

6) Don’t mess with kids. They always have a group. One is always times ten.

7) Your friends will fight your battle for you if they love you. It’s called loyalty.

It’s time for breakfast. Am out –

Stanley G. Jack
MD, Stanley Wallstreet Limited
Port Harcourt, Nigeria
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